Česká federace mankalových her

2. MS

Pardubice 2012

Organize a World Championship. In this, in Czech Republic absolutely unknown game. We have two years, well maybe more likely a year and a half. Why did they choose us? Why is it not Kyrgyzstan? Or another Asian country where it has a tradition? Well, of course, they were impressed by the Czech Open. But anyway... We are clear on several things. Everything will take place at Czech Open in Pardubice. And it will be a lot of work.

Kazakhstan set a high bar. Music and dance performance at the opening and closing ceremony, five star hotel ... Their federation has thousands of members, we are two on everything. Quite big disproportion. Nevertheless, we would like to see this happening similarly. So the first plans is go to the hotel. But that requires some money. So we write to all possible esteemed high-income companies. And finally, we find that the road does not lead this way. We can get a few kids through an online contest, but it's not even a tenth of the number, that we would imagine. The first World Cup showed that three players in the team are too much and the limit is reduced to 2, so that all medals will not end up in only one country. In spite of all the efforts, the 2012 World Cup is small, with just frayed ears it is a recognized international tournament and is far from the beauty of the Kazakh one two years ago. Even so, we remember it as a good event, his arrangement contributed to a lot of good things.

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